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GOEPEL electronics develops and manufactures test equipment for the electronic industry. Our production includes hardware and software solutions for testing mounted PCBs and electronic devices. 

Using our electrical testing equipment you can increase your quality assurance via: board test, chip test and functional test.

Free webinar "Not just the tip of the iceberg - In-line solder penetration testing on THT/THR connectors using 3D X-ray inspection."

Not just the tip of the iceberg

Through-hole technology (THT) is probably the oldest assembly technology in the field of PCB manufacturing. However, even in this modern age of surface-mounted technology (SMT), it still has its place. Even today, wired components are still often assembled using wave soldering – in keeping with the tradition of times past. This has the disadvantage that additional manufacturing equipment is needed, however, because devices for THT production are required in addition to the SMT systems. It is therefore advisable to use reflow soldering for connectors and other wired components. To this end, through-hole components were devised for automatic assembly and for high thermal loads in the furnace; the term through-hole reflow (THR) was coined. With this technology, it is now possible to process components in through-hole technology within the SMT process. But how can these solder joints be reliably tested? What technology is needed in order to be able to assess the solder penetration, for example? These questions are answered below. X-Line 3D, the in-line 3D x-ray system from GÖPEL electronic, is discussed specifically here, which enables fast, accurate and reproducible assessment of solder penetration in the production line cycle.

Inform yourself online and free of charge in less than 60 minutes, including question and answer complex about opportunities and solution approaches In-line solder penetration testing on THT / THR connectors.


  • Acceptance criteria for THT/THR solder joints according to IPC-A610 
  • Comparison AOI and AXI for THT/THR inspection 
  • Comparison of 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-ray technologies for inspection of THT/THR connectors 
  • Presentation of a 3D AXI system for fully-automated THT/THR inspection 

Date: 2015-4-23

3:00 pm London, 4:00 pm Paris, 10:00 am New York 

Speaker: David Whetstone, GOEPEL electronics LLC 

Target audience: 
Quality and production managers for electric assemblies, technologists and production planners as well as CEOs and directors of electronic manufacturing companies

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Webinar "Testing abilities of High Speed IO Interfaces"

JTAG/Boundary Scan

High Speed Interfaces take a greater and greater proportion in plenty of systems. Such system could consist of plenty of components – linked directly or indirectly. 
In such a case testing abilities on board level are demanded, indicates a qualitative statement about the respective Gigabit Interfaces already in the production. 

Inform yourself online, free of charge in about 60 minutes, including question and answer session about general conditions, application areas and the significance of these test technology. 
The webinar informs you about the advantage of High Speed IO tests, High Speed IO test abilities as well as test results and its valuation. 

Following questions will be answered during the webinar

  • Why is the test of High Speed IO Interfaces required and what are the limits of previous test systems respectively test strategies? 
  • What kind of test methods exists and which interfaces are supported? 
  • What does Bit Error Rate mean and what does a so called eye diagram reveal? 

Hosea Busse, Application Engineer JTAG/Boundary Scan, GOEPEL electronic GmbH 


3:00 pm London
4:00 pm Paris / Berlin
10:00 am New York

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