GOEPEL electronics Ltd.

GOEPEL electronics develops and manufactures test equipment for the electronic industry. Our production includes hardware and software solutions for testing mounted PCBs and electronic devices. 

Using our electrical testing equipment you can increase your quality assurance via: board test, chip test and functional test.

Latest News

Import option for test programs of other system providers.
GOEPEL electronic extends the VarioTAP® technology for universal processor emulation for the Texas...
Three dimensional inspection for fast and reliable inspection of printed sintering paste.
Extension of the AFPG tool for the automatic generation of scripts for universal in-system...
Diagnose über Internetprotokolle (DoIP) für Kommunikationsbaugruppen der Serie 61xx.
Erneute Leistungssteigerung der AOI-Systeme von GÖPEL electronic.
Neue Lösung zum Boundary Scan Test von DDR3-DIMM Sockeln mit ECC Support.
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